In times of Adversity

Pearls are formed inside of living beings contrary to diamonds they don’t require pressure be formed. In this season God is going to gift you with the skills to build and it will almost seem supernaturally effortless! Beautiful things are being formed in this season! God is going to use what is inside of you that you counted insignificant. Pearls take years to form, and during that time the farmer makes sure that the oyster is fed and healthy. When it is time to remove the pearl, it is sent to a harvester. You have been placed in obscurity for a season but God is ready to reveal the wild pearls to the world. You will be a treasure so precious and rare one A peculiar treasure and rare find. All the world can see the Glory of God is upon the chosen ones. What we build in this season will last a lifetime and beyond. Greatness is within you child of God!

In times of adversity EXPAND! Remember it is adversity that we are often presented the opportunity to step out in faith! It is an opportunity to put your faith into action! It is a time we see clearly who believes the Word of God and understands truly that greater is He that is in me than that which is in the world! Life is spiritual !!! Always remember we must walk beyond what we can see if we want to reap a superb supernatural harvest of miracles and blessings. In this season we are continuing to build and as we build in faith God will provide and give strategic instructions to build🔥 While many are sitting back allowing the world to speak to them we who walk in the spirit are using these times to our benefit to build as a testimony!!! We will look back and say in the time of adversity The Most High skilled my hands to build ….when others sat back in despair unwilling to look beyond the natural we chose to trust God and build in what the world said was a time of famine and desolation. We chose to call things forth as we wanted to see not as it were….Opportunity waits. Will you choose to live up to the greatness God placed in the inside of you? What will you choose in this season ? What are you building….

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