Don’t get Distracted

In this season the Lord placed in my spirit that this is a season not for feasting but one of fasting! This was a word I was not expecting to hear but will gladly submit to the call. I typically fast during January a typical Daniel Fast corporately with other believers. Looks like I’ll be doing both this season. Often times as we go into a new season it’s important to fast and pray as we go into new levels and heights. It’s so important to be obedient because you have no idea why and what the Lord is preparing you for mentally, spiritually, and physically. Fasting is so powerful for so many reasons!! I also believe He is calling many to fast for clarity of mind and to download revelations to us in greater measure. 2023 will be an anchoring season for 2024. What you do to get in position really matters in 2023!!!!! 2024 I believe will be an incredible year but only for those who have put the work in with Abba. This year 2023 is one of partnership with Yah. Many are choosing to answer the call and walk in greater obedience and continue to build at new levels, heights, and capacity! In this season we are taking off like a jet and it will require greater focus as well as sacrifice.🔥When we fast it helps us to get in the zone and focus with greater clarity and at supernatural levels. December is such a busy time and we all know how in this season if we’re not careful we can begin to get off track especially for those who honor the holiday Christmas…… if we are honoring the story of Jesus for His glory then let’s be certain not to mix and mingle Him with other gods….ie Santa. Remember we serve a jealous God and He will not share His story or Glory with another. If we say we are honoring Yahshua I believe it’s more important than ever to do just that! Remember many distractions will come and I believe God is calling His people to fast and not feast during this critical time. Obedience is important like never before. All is revealed in due time. Pray without ceasing and remember to put on the full armor of God. Stay ready in and out of season. Have a blessed Monday 💕

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