The woman who built three cities!

Good morning ☀️ Welcome to pearls of Eden. Thank you for joining me this Friday for a powerful word. Today I want to share with you a mighty woman of God that often goes overlooked. Many have no clue that the Bible speaks of a Mighty woman of God who built three cities in ancient Israel. Can you imagine the walls she had to climb and the obstacles that she faced in order to architect and build not one, two, but three cities? Where the expectations for women are you must only be a mother, wife, handmaiden. Sheerah this mighty woman of God had dreams and a vision that would not allow her to remain locked in a box. No she would break custom norms and defy the odds. This mighty woman of God would go against the status quo to arise to her purpose and calling! What is remarkable is that she would have men and women who would help to build the cities, coming together in unity to do the work of the Lord. It was under Sheerah’s vision and instructions she would orchestrate the building of 3 cities that remain til this day. If you go to Palestine there you can still see the foundations of these cities.: Upper and Lower Beth Horon and Uzzen Sheerah. Talk about astounding and incredible!!!! The Lord has put this word in my heart….built to last…Ford Tough! He revealed to me like Sheerah those who are called with this special uncommon anointing will build things that will out live us and go forth into the future generations !! What we do for the Lord will LAST and leave a legacy🔥🙌🏽. One of the words the Lord has given me to declare in this season is the arising of the daughters of Zion. We are taking the kingdom by storm unapologetically. You see like Sheerah we are called to break through glass ceilings ! We are called to build with an uncommon anointing to do extraordinary things! Sheerah realized her need for God and that she could do nothing in her own strength. You don’t achieve what she did and Gods hand not be upon you. It is noted that the last city she built she named after herself: Uzzen Sheerah. This name mean “listen to Sheerah” Quite amazing because what she was asking of the Lord was to be heard by Him. That He would grant her prayer request! In this season God has called me to pray and share with others to pray 1 Chronicles 4:10. A powerful prayer to equip and anoint one to build and enlarge their territory halleluyah! You can’t build in this capacity at this level without asking God to be with you: one can only imagine the test and trials she went through as a leading woman with a ground breaking vision. You can only imagine the naysayers that tried to stop her from building …. But because the Lord was with her no one could stop the vision! Where we’re going in this season God has graced us with an unstoppable anointing to build for the kingdom of God. This anointing is rare and uncommon. One in a million and few are called to build at this level but if you are one of the rare ones get ready for the ride of our lives! Their are so many amazing revelation surrounding her story but I can’t even begin to share them all! I want to encourage you to get before the Lord with the dream, create the vision, and build!! This is the season to not slow down but speed up in what God is calling you to build! Remember the word the Lord gave me is that in this season we are not walking nor running, but we are taking off like a jet! It is my prayer that you will tap into all the gifts and purposes God has placed in you since the foundations of the world. You may not be called to be the Sheerah but maybe God has called you as a divine connection to help build and unite with those who God has instructed to lead the vision. Everyone has a role to play that is equally important…. Not everyone is called to the front lines. Some are called to be a prayer ministry of intercession dedicating their lives to pray for the kingdom and those on the front line…. Some are called to finance the vision. Their are many roles and purposes but all are needed in order for the kingdom of God to manifest. Whatever it is God reveals to you is your role in this story make sure you give it everything and run this race with all you’ve got! Remember we don’t do it in our strength or we would certainly faint. It is not by might, not by power, BUT by the Spirit of the Living God🙌🏽🔥Do not let this life pass you by and you have done nothing to build His kingdom. When we leave this earth and it is our time to go before God may we have this testimony…. That we left no stone unturned! That we multiplied all the gifts God gave us to and for the glory of God. That we accomplish every purpose that God has set out for us to achieve! May we hear the words of good job my good and faithful servant! Have a blessing Friday💕

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