Next Level Status

Good morning ☀️ Welcome back! I hope that while you’ve been away you have been growing in favor and the light of God. I’ve come today to remind you that in this season we are not walking, running, but we are flying. That’s right we are taking off like a jet… full speed in the Holy Ghost. You see in this season God is granting us acceleration and the grace to go to the distance. All December we are dedicating the midnight to an hour of praise, worship, and prayer. In exchange God is giving us beauty for our ashes along with heavenly strategy to take the promise land by storm! He is equipping us to take the land and prosper. We are walking in abundance, moving with the speed of the Holy Ghost! We are the favored of the Lord🙌🏽🔥 So here is your reminder to keep going! We are not slowing down but we are supernaturally energized and moving with a supernatural speed as we close this natural year to work these fields , write the vision, and accomplish any other assignment that must be completed and started! Yes many of us are even starting new projects at the close of this year that will help us to catapult into the next season🔥🔥 So while many are waiting to cross over into the new year December 31 we’ve been there in the spirit working and training to take the land, so when it gets here in the natural we have already sent Judah first! God is taking us into a season where eyes have not seen nor ears have heard what the Living God has planned for those who love Him. Let’s finish this year strong 💪. You’ve got what it takes! Supernatural power on high via the Holy Ghost🔥🙌🏽💕🌟. We’re going to the next level! Pack your bags.

Love and blessings,

Marilyn Acosta

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