Judgement season coming soon!

In this season I believe God is calling us to build the ark! What are you building that will sustain you in and through the storm? It may seem silly to many but are you willing to look foolish in order to be obedient to what the Lord is calling you to do. Our obedience is not only tied to our personal victory but to others. I believe this is a time where God is gracing us the ability to build at an accelerated pace. We are to examine ourselves and get into position to receive divine instruction from the Lord. He is going to reveal every weight that He wants us to remove so that we are able to take off at an accelerated pace! We are not walking, running, but we are flying in this season! What are you building for the kingdom of God? 2023 is a year of self examination, building, acceleration and restoration if you are willing to submit to God and put in the necessary work! God is faithful to help us we just have to obey and submit! Blessings💕

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