Led to build

Did you know you are led to bear good fruit in your work? Did you know that God is able to anoint you to do a particular job with such great craftsmanship and skill? Yes indeed! If we invite the Lord to help us to build the house according to His will and purposes, Abba will put His spirit on us in such a way that we are anointed to build spectacular creations. Let me prove it to you with scripture. God filled one of the artists with the Holy Spirit and gave him “wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship, to design artistic works” (Exodus 35:31-32). The Holy Spirit equipped this man to do what God was calling him to do. The Holy Spirit also “put in his heart the ability to teach” (Exodus 35:34). God not only equipped him to do the work, but He also enabled him to teach others how to do it as well. Isn’t this just AMAZING!! In this season you all know God has been telling me how important it is we continue to build! In 2022 God told me He is gracing His people with the anointing to build and in 2023 we continue but at an accelerated pace! God is anointing us for every good work and what we build in this season will be Ford Tough!! Yes those are the precise words Abba gave me to declare! Built to last. Today it is my prayer that you allow God to guide you and instruct you in how and what to build. We know that when the Lord builds the house it will prosper but without Him it will in time wash away with the storms of life. My prayer for you today is that your work be modeled after the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus who himself submitted to the fathers will and was empowered by the Holy Spirit…Jesus did nothing on His own accord but only did what the father instructed. Whatever your work is child of God submit it to the Lord. Ask Him to infuse it with His life, power, and productivity. Ask Abba to flow through you and help you to be more creative and skillful. Remember it is not by might nor power BUT by the Spirit of the Living God! Have a blessed and highly favored day.

Your sister in Christ,
Marilyn Acosta

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