Welcome to the Month of Miracles ✨

I want to release a prophetic word that in the month of March it will be a month of momentum and acceleration. In this month I decree and declare the agenda of Heaven is moving forward in great miracles, signs, and Wonders. The Word the Lord placed on my spirit this morning comes from Job 29:6. When I washed my steps with butter, and the rock poured me out rivers of oil. In this season God is clearing the path and making the crooked paths straight! He is enlarging the steps under His children securing the path to victory! This shall not be accomplished by might or power but by the Spirit of the Living God. He will accomplish this for His glory. This month is full of expectancy and I want you to join in on the wave by writing 5 petitions….goals that you want to see happen in your life. Now I’m not talking about some skimpy goals but I want you to take your faith way out and believe for great! The first advice I would offer is to sit down in prayer and ask God to put in your heart the desires He has for you. Then put your faith way out there and write it down! I want you to then seal those petitions with the name of Jesus! Lastly, be expectant and give God the praise for what is to come! I will share some of the videos I uploaded on the Word given to me for the Month of March and really this season!

Love and blessings 💕

Marilyn Acosta

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