What are you running from?

This mornings devotion God placed in my spirit comes from the book of Jonah. Jonah was a mighty prophet of God but when he received instructions from the Lord to go to the great city of Nineveh he did not want to go and chose to disobey the instructions of the Lord. You see Jonah thought he could choose another path without it costing him but he learned quickly that your disobedience can cost others in so many ways! You see Jonah caught a boat leaving out just in time he thought, but little did he know that disobeying God was no small discrepancy. You see when Jonah got on that boat he brought trouble with him! The storm began to rage in such a way the men in the boat cast lots to see where the trouble had come from. These were not men who worshipped Yahweh, but when Jonah admitted to them that he was running from God and that the God in which he served created the dry land and the sea they became very fearful. Jonah asked the men to throw him overboard so that the storm would settle. There was no use of everyone dying for one man’s disobedience right? How many are costing others livelihood due to their disobedience? So many believers don’t understand that how you live for God or not effects others even strangers!!!! How much more your family? Jonah realized he was the problem and was prepared to die for it. The storm began to rage so much that the men ended up throwing Jonah over into the deep sea! It was there that Jonah cried out not before unfortunately and yet strange. You see some people have to learn the hard way! They must be thrown into the deep dark sea to see from where does their help come from. Jonah realized very quickly that taking his life might have solved their problems but it wouldn’t solve his….. he didn’t want to go out like this and cried out to God in the darkest of moments when it seemed to be no hope! God is so faithful that even in the deepest of pits and despair if we will just cry out to Him and obey….pay your vows! God is so faithful to have the whale which symbolizes a pit of darkness to vomit you on to dry ground! So my question for you today is what are you running from and how will you fix it?

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    Nailah Corliss Olufemi

    Excellent word!

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