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New Beginnings!! Today was the day I woke up with a vision to start a blog dedicated to uplifting and encouraging the body of Christ, through my gift of prophetic teaching and utterances. As I began to establish the website I noticed todays date is November 20,22 !!! What a notable day to begin this new journey and I know like so much of my life it’s not a coincidence, but aligned by the Most High. I am so excited to begin this journey and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord💕

Pearls of Eden

Pearls are formed inside of living beings contrary to diamonds they don’t require pressure be formed. In this season God is going to gift you with the skills to build and it will almost seem supernaturally effortless! Beautiful things are being formed in this season! God is going to use what is inside of you that you counted insignificant. Pearls take years to form, and during that time the farmer makes sure that the oyster is fed and healthy. When it is time to remove the pearl, it is sent to a harvester. You have been placed in obscurity for a season but God is ready to reveal the wild pearls to the world. You will be a treasure so precious and rare one A peculiar treasure and rare find. All the world can see the Glory of God is upon the chosen ones. What we build in this season will last a lifetime and beyond. Greatness is within you child of God!

It’s always the one’s closest to you! Discernment is key.

Out of adversity comes opportunity 🔥💕🙌🏽😎

Happy Tuesday! In this video I share the importance of chosen ones choosing friends carefully. Not everyone can tolerate the light within you it disturbs their demons.


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